When you’re a young professional, you’re in one of the most important phases of your life. That means you need housing that is going to fit with your new lifestyle. It’s important for you to be part of the business hub, making the contacts you’ll need for the future. At the same time, you probably want to be in the nightlife action, enjoying this time before you settle down. Does this seem like an impossible blend? Not for these eight neighbourhoods!

  • Downtown is the hub of city life in Edmonton. Similar to the neighbourhoods in downtown Toronto, it’s the place to find all the trendy clubs and other nightlife spots. On top of that, the bars and restaurants here allow you to be and be seen. Work your dinners out right and you’ll have no problems making connections. Many young professionals also find jobs in Downtown, making for an easy commute. Even if you’re further afield though, the neighbourhood’s central location makes it easy to get to other parts of the city via transit.
  • Strathcona always seems to top the neighbourhood ranking lists. That’s because everyone wants to live here! It’s no wonder with the area’s charm and central location, right next to downtown. What draws young professionals here most, though, is the trendy nightlife of Whyte Avenue. You’ll never be at a loss about how to spend your night out! Plus, with the business district and transit right at your doorstep, it’ll be easy to roll into work the next day!
  • Carter Crest is the pick for young professionals who like a bit of peace and quiet. The neighbourhood is a outside the main core, but transit makes it easy to get to the action when you want to be there. The rest of the time, you can enjoy hanging out in Carter Crest, strolling or biking by the river or relaxing in one of the area’s picturesque parks. Millenials have also flagged the neighbourhood as one of their favourites for it’s great safety scores.
  • Central McDougall was recently named the top Edmonton neighbourhood for millenials. Why? It’s the perfect blend of culture, green space, and foodie options. The neighbourhood also offers both transit and bike lanes. Plus, there are a good number of apartments and condos, so it’s easy to find a great bachelor or bachelorette pad here. Best of all though, the neighbourhood is walkable, so you can complete all your errands with one quick stroll!  
  • Westmount is famous as one of Edmonton’s friendliest neighbourhoods. Being on the smaller side, it is able to maintain a tight community, where locals watch out for and help one another. That also makes it one of the safer communities in the city. At the same time, Westmount is close to downtown, so you’ll have no problem popping off to the bars or clubs any time you want. While Westmount isn’t always considered a prime pick for young professionals, it’s perfect if you’re coming to the city from a small-town and want to enjoy all the fun of Edmonton life without sacrificing a sense of community.  
  • McCauley may be underrated, but it has a lot to offer. It’s close to everything in downtown, including Churchill Square and all the trendy bars and clubs. It’s also easy to do all your shopping in the neighbourhood, at both the indie shops and the Kingway Mall. McCauley is also one of the most diverse neighbourhoods in the city, making it a favourite for young professionals moving to town from major hubs like Toronto or New York.
  • Woodcroft is full of detached homes, but it’s not a family neighbourhood. Instead, it caters to active young people, who enjoy having sporty fun. And it does that to the max! There are tennis courts, a swimming pool, a track, and – even – an arena in the area. The neighbourhood also boasts one of the most beautiful green spaces in the entire city, Coronation Park. So if you are more about sneakers than grinding and would rather be in the sunshine than the club, this is the place for you!   
  • Oliver is another neighbourhood that pops up on a lot of lists. That’s because it’s got a good mix of student housing and rental options for young professionals. It’s also near the downtown core, making it easy to pop home after work or a night out. Plus, it’s just cool! For example, Jasper Avenue is a modern foodie’s dream, filled with all the hip dining options (sure to impress clients and associates at business lunches).

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