Edmonton has a lot to offer. It’s a beautiful, lively city. It’s also on the rise right now, drawing young professionals and families in with its jobs and affordable housing. At the same time, Edmonton is in the midst of significant development – and is struggling to deal with its high crime rate. This has led to a greater disparity between the cities best and worst neighbourhoods. When it comes to this list of apartments for rent Edmonton, you’re looking at the top of the top! Stick with these ten choices and you’ll have a great time in the city!

1. Strathcona 

Strathcona is a perennial favourite, having been voted the best neighbourhood in Edmonton several times. Filled with historic charm, this neighbourhood is considered the most romantic in the city. At the same time, Strathcona is situated right next to downtown, Whyte Avenue, and the University of Alberta campus, keeping it in the midst of the action. The neighbourhood is also a hotspot for entertainment, offering live music and theatres. In fact, it’s the headquarters of the Edmonton International Fringe Festival – one of the biggest theatre festivals in the world. Don’t forget to check out the many community events and activities, including the weekly farmers’ market!Whyte Avenue at night in Edmonton

2. Ritchie

This is a well-established neighbourhood in the midst of re-development. At the same time, the area’s cafes and cycling culture have already won it a place in Edmonton’s top neighbourhoods. There’s a hipster vibe here with an outdoorsy twist. Locals enjoy their easy access to downtown and to the Mill Creek Ravine (a favoured cycling spot). As the neighbourhood transforms, expect it to draw more and more young professionals and families, making this the perfect neighbourhood if you’re in your 20s.  Wooden Bridge at Mill Creek Ravine in Ritchie Edmonton

3. Bonnie Doon 

Based in south-central Edmonton – has been named for a Robbie Burns’ poem. The romanticism of poetry seems appropriate for this picturesque neighbourhood that draws families and singles to its quiet streets and central location. At the same time, Bonnie Doon has a lot of modern conveniences, including major shopping centres, including the Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre. The area has continued development, so expect to see new houses and apartment buildings popping up over the coming years.Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre in Bonnie Doon Edmonton

4. Westmount

Westmount may be one of the city’s older neighbourhoods, but it’s still charming. In fact, its history and classic homes are what make it one of Edmonton’s most desirable areas! There’s even the Westmount Architectural Heritage Area to help preserve the homes that were built in the 1910s and 1920s. Life in Westmount has an intentionally slower pace. Locals enjoy strolling through the neighbourhood, visiting the many boutiques, specialty shops, and restaurants on 124th Street. At the same time, the Westmount is centrally located, making the rest of downtown easily accessible. If it’s not already clear, Westmount is the perfect blend of small-town and big-city life!

5. Crestwood

Crestwood is one of Edmonton’s favourite family neighbourhoods. There are beautiful detached homes in the area, with the most prized overlooking the North Saskatchewan River Valley. The neighbourhood offers access to hiking trails, bike paths, and the MacKinnon Ravine. Crestwood, however, is most famous for Candy Cane Lane and its incredible light displays around the holidays.Yellow trees in the Fall at Mackinnon Ravine in Crestwood Edmonton

6. Downtown

Downtown has everything a city-dweller could need. There are trendy nightclubs and restaurants. Plus, with the Churchill Square, the ICE District, and the Art Gallery of Alberta in the area, you’ll never be short of things to do. The neighbourhood also boasts a high number of businesses, making it ideal of professionals looking to live, work, and play in the same place. While the high-end condos offer the best views, there’s plenty of housing for every desire and budget.Office buildings in core downtown Edmonton

7. Glenora 

Recently toppled Strathcona as Edmonton’s top neighbourhood. Why is it such a favourite? Alexander Circle, with its gorgeous fountain, helps. The great housing options help. High Street and its trendy shops don’t hurt either. The biggest plus about the neighbourhood, though, is its community. Locals remain active and engaged, giving the area a small-town feel, despite it being just a quick hop away from downtown.    

8. Hazeldean

On the banks of the Mill Creek Ravine, Hazeldean is one of the top neighbourhoods in south east Edmonton. With access to the North Saskatchewan River Valley parks, there are plenty of places here to cycle, hike, or even just stroll. The biggest draw, however, is the quaint neighbourhood itself. Hazeldean is soothing and beautiful, with quiet streets framed by gorgeous trees. Families will also be happy to note that the area has one of the strongest school districts in the city.  People walking on a wooden bridge at Mill Creek Ravine in Hazeldean Edmonton

9. Strathearn

This is another one of the neighbourhoods on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Not only does Strathearn offer natural beauty, but man made beauty as well, through the area’s exceptional homes and apartment buildings. The true magic of Strathearn, however, is the lifestyle it offers. It’s one of the best parts of the city for recreation, boasting museums, sports, and leisure facilities. You’ll never run out of things to do here!Girl dancing with an umbrella at Muttart Conservatory in Strathearn Edmonton

10. Oliver

Just west of the downtown core – Oliver is in the heart of Edmonton life. As one of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods, Oliver is filled with beautiful buildings that are so well-preserved that they could have traveled through time. At the same time, it has a glut of modern development, including high-rises and condos, if these housing options are more your speed. The neighbourhood is dense, filled with restaurants, shops, and public gathering places, like Oliver Square and Oliver Square West. Don’t forget to check out the famous Jasper Avenue!People walking around vendors at a festival in Oliver Edmonton

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