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The NW Pleasantville


Homey warmth and vibrant fun collide in the diverse neighbourhood of Country Hills, a scenic jewel in the crown of Calgary’s NW quadrant. Life here rolls along (See what happened there?... That’s right, a hill pun), with family at the centre. Family aren’t the only ones taking care of the local kiddos though, as Country Hills lives by the old adage: “it takes a… neighbourhood to raise a child.” This gives the area a ‘50s feel – though its houses and styles betray its almost complete lack of history, only being built in the 1990s. The area does have one issue… having to decide amongst the many kid-oriented, family friendly activities and events each weekend.

Rental Options

The market, at a glance

Avg. rent by housing type & size

Studio/Bachelor: $1,042

1-bedroom: $1,018

2-bedroom: $1,449

3-bedroom: $1,700

Avg. rent compared to other Calgary neighbourhoods

Country Hill is on par with Calgary average

Typical housing type:

Quaint, suburban-esque detached homes.

There’s a suburban quality to the homes in Country Hills, decked as many are with quaint trim and a pop of colour. Two storey places abound; but, with most of the homes located in subdivisions, they can sometimes feel a bit paint-by-numbers in terms of overall shape and style. There’s plenty of space – inside and out – though, as most places are detached homes with full yards. For those looking for more variety, row house rentals, duplex, and semis are also kicking around. Homeowners rule the roost in terms of the housing, but renters find their own haven in the area’s handful of low-rise apartments for rent. Rents aren’t cheap, but aren’t high either, sitting in line with Country Hills slightly elevated median yearly income.

Life & Style

Life in this neighbourhood is influenced by its large immigrant community. Chinese grocers and shops are common – and the Chinese restaurants have some of the best ratings in the city. The Pleasantville vibe continues since, as the area has a reputation for safety, kids are allowed to play and roam solo around the neighbourhood. Parents join in the fun when it comes to the area’s wide range of child-oriented and family entertainments on the weekends. No matter whether they end up though, at the end of the day, Country Hills’ residents know their neighbours will always be there to greet them with a broad smile and cheery wave.


It can be hard (read: damn near impossible) to find communities of colour in Calgary, but Country Hill is one of the few diverse neighbourhoods with a large immigrant base that’s only on the rise. The largest immigrant population identifies as Chinese, and Cantonese and Mandarin are both widely spoken within it. While childless singles are rare unicorns in the area, both couples and families with children of all ages are common. Income levels aren’t at the peak, but are a hair above the city as a whole.

Land Mark

There are plenty of bus routes for public transit users, while drivers can hop straight onto Beddington Trail NW. One of Country Hills’ defining features is the Nose Creek Parkway, which eats up a huge swath of neighbourhood’s south end. Close by – ironically just outside the area – is the Country Hills Golf Course. Another favourite green space is the Country Hills Park, which includes a baseball field and is next to a Starbuck and a McDonald’s. In southeast Country Hills is a plaza with a number of dining options, as well as a school of massage therapy and a storage facility. Steps outside the area are more restaurants, a T&T Supermarket, a 7-Eleven, and a maternal health clinic, as well as a large retirement home. Just north of the neighbourhood are a Landmark Cinemas, as well as several box stores and fast food joints.

Fun Fact

Perfect for: Diverse couples and families, including recent immigrants, especially those seeking a Chinese community in the city.

Not-so-perfect for: Anyone on the “make Canada great again” bandwagon.

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