• 3 BED
      • 1.5 BATH
      • 1,192 FT²
      • PETS

      15049 5th Street Southwest Calgary, AB T2Y 3E3

      2-Stories Single House located in Millrise community in the South-West Calgary. It is close to great schools, C-train Station and parks. Main level: Nice size living room; Good Sized Kitchen and eating area. 1-half bath; 1 Master Bed room, 2 regular size bed rooms and a full bath on the second floor; Nice undeveloped basements Nice size of a fenced back yard with 2 car out-door parking space. Property Features: Dishwasher; Oven/Stove; Fridge; Carpeted Floors; Washer; Dryer School: Our Lady of Peace Elementary & Junior High (catholic school) C-Train Station: 6 Minutes walk to Shawnessy C-Train Station Shopping: Shoppers, Sobeys, Superstore, Wal-Mart Park: South of Fish Creek Provincial Park Rent: $1530 per Month Pet: no pet Utilities are not included. Available Date: April 16, 2019 Contact: [email protected]

      • 3 BED
      • 1.5 BATH
      • 1,192 FT²


      • 3 Bedroom $1,530


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Chaparral, Calgary, AB

Renting Guide

Treat yourself to the sights and smells of a vacay – every day


Ever wondered where wealthy Calgarian families live? You guessed it - Chaparral! It may sound like an overpriced wild mushroom, found only at specialty grocery stores, but the SE neighbourhood of Chaparral is actually the peak of high-end Calgary living. Built around Lake Chaparral, the neighbourhood brags its own beach, park, and pair of waterfalls. That’s right, manmade waterfalls – two of them. The most expansive – and expensive – properties sit right around the lake, offering scenic views complimented by that fresh water smell. You know the one that everything from hand wash to fabric softener tries to recreate… often with little success. Rentals are tough to find here, but whether you cross paths with a full three-bedroom home or a one-bedroom apartment, rates are pretty reasonable.

Rental Options

The market, at a glance

Avg. rent by housing type & size

Studio/Bachelor: $N/A

1-bedroom: $990

2-bedroom: $N/A

3-bedroom: $1,965

Avg. rent compared to other Calgary neighbourhoods

Chaparral is 6% higher than Calgary average

Typical housing type:

Luxury, lakeside homes.

Detached homes make up the vast majority of Chaparral’s housing, though duplexes and townhouses are also available. The highest-end options sit along the edge of the lake. Renters face a serious lack of availability here, with choices generally being restricted to full houses or – at the very least – floors of houses. You won’t find apartments for rent here! If you need help with finding rentals in Chaparral, check our website for the most updated list of rental properties daily. Just be prepared to shell out a pretty penny to live in the Chaparral neighborhood.

Life & Style

For most, life in Chaparral is the suburban dream, just with urban amenities - and a lake… and two waterfalls. Residents work hard to maintain their high-end lifestyle; but, outside the office, their lives float by, filled with lakeside beach trips, brand name shopping excursions, and international adventures. They do make time for community development though. In fact, locals have a passion for their neighbourhood, which should come as no surprise given the fact that they could afford to live in any part of the city, but chose to make their home in Chaparral.


Let’s put it right out there: you’ve gotta be rich to live on the banks of this lake. Incomes in Chaparral are well over $100,000 per year and on the rise. The area’s homogeny continues in terms of faith (Christian) and life circumstances (married with teenage children). Locals even share a love of the water, nature and outdoor sports.

Land Mark

At the heart of the neighbourhood is its pride and joy – Chaparral Lake, which butts right up against Chaparral Lake Park and Lake Chaparral Recreation Centre. Golfers can enjoy a round at the Blue Devil Golf Club, on the east side of the area. Drivers are well located, with direct access for Macleod Trail and Stoney Trail. Along Chaparral Boulevard are a Tim Hortons and a gas station, as well as a skin clinic and a physiotherapists’ office. Head just southwest of the neighbourhood to find a plaza with a couple of restaurants, a Starbucks, a gas station and a CIBC.

Fun Fact

Perfect for: Upper class families with a love of the water.

Not-so-perfect for: Working class city dwellers and anti-elitists who find this lakeside community a little too close to a gated community.

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