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A real gem for basically everyone


In-demand NW neighbourhood, Brentwood – often ranked one of Calgary’s finest – blends old-fashioned charm with modern conveniences. It’s known around the city for its exceptional recreational facilities, including Nose Hill Park and Sir Winston Churchill Aquatic and Recreation Centre. Real talk: in spite of its many great offerings, Brentwood remains most famous – or, perhaps, infamous – for a much less desirable reason… containing the site of Calgary’s largest mass murder. Brentwood’s made efforts to find closure through a small memorial and move on by selling the house to a new owner. House prices have even bounced back; but, for some, the neighbourhood is now forever tainted. That’s a shame though as it allows a single tragic event to eclipse the area’s many positives, including being perfectly located to both easily access downtown and escape the city, as well as to commute to the University of Calgary, Alberta College of Art + Design, or SAIT Polytechnic.

Rental Options

The market, at a glance

Avg. rent by housing type & size

Studio/Bachelor: $N/A

1-bedroom: $759

2-bedroom: $1,791

3-bedroom: $N/A

Avg. rent compared to other Calgary neighbourhoods

Brentwood is 13% lower than Calgary average

Typical housing type:

1960s style detached homes.

Detached homes from the 1960s make up most of Brentwood’s housing, though there are some row houses for rent, duplexes, and high and low-rises. Renters are more often in the high and low-rises, but some students take basement apartments for rent in private homes as these units are cheaper and prices here can shatter a student budget. Homeowners, of course, get to enjoy the comfort of the area’s many houses. While not huge or flashy, the homes are solid and well cared for. It’s the neighbourhood and the people in it that are the real draw here though, with would be residents being willing to pay a premium to live in such a mature, calming environment. Searching for rentals in Brentwood, Calgary? updates listings in the area daily, so you’re sure to find the right rental for you, whether its pet friendly, cheap, has utilities included, long term, or all inclusive.

Life & Style

Brentwood is the land of amenities, tempting residents with anything they could want – or easy access to it. We’re not just talking material good either; one of the area’s greatest amenities is it’s slowed pace of life. Here, residents are all too aware that life can end in a flash, so prioritize work/life balance, making sure they have time to relax and enjoy time with their loved ones. That time is often based in nature and fitness, with many people seeking peace and reflection in one of Calgary’s many natural settings. Staying fit and active is even a priority for the neighbourhood’s oldest resident; so, if you’re looking for a late-life romance, Brentwood may have just that hot widow or widower you’ve been waiting for.


While there are some youngsters in Brentwood, it’s dominated by middle-age spread and creaky old joints, with the average age sitting at 42 and a significant senior population, including a large number of widows. Then there are the students, who are in their 20s and almost exclusively male. Outside the students – who are newer and less tied to the area, there’s been a heaviness since the murder, but that’s just because locals care deeply about their neighbours and what happens to them. Both public transit users and drivers are well situated, with the C-Train and Crowchild Trail NW serving the area.

Land Mark

There’s a glut of schools, including a Catholic elementary option. Also close-by are the University of Calgary and Southern Alberta Institute of Technology campuses. At the western edge of the area is Northland Village mall, while the Brentwood Village Shopping Centre anchors the east side. The highlight of the neighbourhood, though, is the Sir Winston Churchill Aquatic and Recreation Centre. Slightly further afield is the expansive Nose Hill Park and McMahon Stadium.

Fun Fact

Perfect for: Middle-aged couples and widowed seniors.

Not-so-perfect for: Young families.

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