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I <3 Bowness


Bownesians are in love with their suburban area – and shout this from their bumpers, which proudly display “I <3 Bowness” stickers. Formerly a village in its own right, the giant neighbourhood – that now anchors Calgary’s NW quadrant – has retained its small-town feel, driven by its unpretentious, tight-knit community. Bowness’ history may be its greatest strength, but it’s also its weakness as the area is still struggling to move beyond its bad reputation, developed over years of high rates of violent crime. If your warned off the neighbourhood, just know that it’s gentrified and the rampant crime is long-gone. All that remains now are the ghosts of years past.

Rental Options

The market, at a glance

Avg. rent by housing type & size

Studio/Bachelor: $926

1-bedroom: $1,093

2-bedroom: $1,465

3-bedroom: $2,121

Avg. rent compared to other Calgary neighbourhoods

Bowness is 2% higher than Calgary average

Typical housing type:

Detached homes, but there’s no shortage of other options.

While detached homes are Bowness’ most common housing, its got a little bit of everything. Want a duplex or an affordable apartment for rent or a brand new condo? No problem. A $4 million monster home? Got those too. What about options for renters? Yup! The neighbourhood must’ve taken a page from Roy Orbison because here, “anything you want, you got it.” Bowness has plenty of house rentals, condominium and apartments to rent, and townhouses. Prices aren’t too bad either, if you’re looking for more modest housing. It’s a good time to get in too, as the neighbourhood’s still considered to be on the rise. Need help sifting through the large variety of rentals the Bowness, Calgary offers? Check out our website and use our unique filters to help find the right rental property for you!

Life & Style

There are almost two Bownesses: one that caters to the whims of its wealthiest residents and another that shelters its poorest. In the affluent enclaves – almost always found by the water – life is serene. When not busy with work or family, locals take in a spot of canoeing or hiking before heading out to chat with friends over a nice (read: expensive) meal. Meanwhile, the area’s fortunate residents are running themselves ragged, trying to make ends meet, even as prices inflate. But financial concerns are put aside and the two communities are drawn together when one of Bowness’ annual events rolls around, including the Stampede Parade and Breakfast and the Harvest Festival.


As Bowness gentrified, its population shifted, becoming steadily older and more established. Now, the average age sits above 40, with a significant portion of locals belonging to the “blue rinse” crowd. Married couples and empty nesters are the norm; but singles, divorcees, and solo parents should have no problem finding birds of a feather to flock with – or a new “friends” to help launch the next chapters of their romantic lives. If education and income level are important to you, just make sure you know who you’re pick-up as the neighbourhood is divided between the educated, well established majority and a less educated, often low-income minority – or just don’t people based on such things, whichever floats your boat.

Land Mark

Drivers will be thrilled with Bowness’ placement, smack on top of the Trans-Canada Highway. For natural spaces, head north to walk along the Bow River. The west side offers up a few restaurants, including one in the midst of Bowness Park. The center of the area provides a couple of schools, as well as Bowness Community Association. Just south are an Esso and The Bownesian Grocer. A quick trip east of the neighbourhood is a plaza with a public library, a 7-Eleven, and several healthy food stores. Slightly further afield is Market Mall.

Fun Fact

Perfect for: Established Calgarians hoping to launch the next chapter in their life.

Not-so-perfect for: Families with kids still at home.

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