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The greatest neighbourhood on earth?


Often considered one of Calgary’s best neighbourhoods – and certainly its coolest – the Beltline is known for embracing the latest trends in everything from food to fashion to fitness classes. When the sun is up, the neighbourhood’s hipster vibe is on full display, with yoga studios, boxing gyms and indie coffeehouses taking centre stage. After sunset though, it’s party rock in the Beltline, as everybody’s shufflin’ (shufflin’, shufflin’) to the latest hot cocktail bars, impressive restaurants and nightclubs. The nights may be wild, but they’re nothing compared to the summer, when the Calgary Stampede is on. With the Stampede grounds penned up on the far side of the neighbourhood, the Beltline’s south end turns into a 24/7 party. Locals just handle it like a bucking bronco though – grabbing the reins, holding on tight, and enjoying the ride.

Rental Options

Avg. rent by housing type & size

Studio/Bachelor: $954

1-bedroom: $1,072

2-bedroom: $1,658

3-bedroom: $2,155

Avg. rent compared to other Calgary neighbourhoods

Beltline is 6% higher than Calgary average

Typical housing type:

Boxes in the sky – AKA apartments in mid to high-rises.

Look up in the Beltline and you’ll see tiny pieces of the sky in the cracks between the various apartment buildings that dominate the area. Beltline has the largest selection of apartments for rent on the Calgary map, with both long term and short term rentals abound. Renting is so common that homeowners have become an urban legend – often discussed, but almost never seen. Most locals either rent solo or go in on a place with friends. Not that they need housemates with prices sitting just a horsehair above the city average. Check out our website to find new property listings in Beltline, Calgary!

Life & Style

The Beltline is about embracing life to the fullest. Locals are often just starting out in their careers – or trying to break into them, so tend to work odd hours for crappy pay. This means that, by the time they’re gone work for the day or week, they’re raring to cut loose. During the daytime, this takes the form of hipster relaxation (ie. meander through a farmer’s market, sipping a single origin, cold brew coffee). After dark, the activities become less wholesome and more basic, as local dance the night away, carried along by an ever-flowing river of booze.


Young, hip Calgarians go hog wild for the Beltline. While couples exist in the area, it’s overrun by singles in their 20s and 30s. Between that and the amount of night life, it’s no wonder the Beltline has earned a reputation for being hook-up central. Locals aren’t just party animals though. Most have university educations and many work in arts and entertainment; so, of course, income levels sit well below normal. But that doesn’t seem to worry most Beltliners, who are more interested in enjoying the freedom of their youth before the realities of real life come crashing in.

Land Mark

When most people think of the Beltline, they picture the Calgary Stampede grounds or 17th, with its many nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, as well as the Saddledome for Calgary Flames games. There’s much more beyond this though. For scenic views and green spaces, traipse along the Elbow River or though Central Memorial Park. Transit and major highways are both readily accessible for public transit users and drivers, respectively. There are a number of grocery stores, including a Safeway and a Calgary Co-op. Also in the neighbourhood is a Mountain Equipment Co-op, The Camera Store, and an art gallery, while the CORE Shopping Centre is just north of it. Also steps north of the Beltline is the downtown core, which boasts the Calgary Tower, Glenbow Museum, and several other important landmarks. More casual entertainment can be found at Elbow River Casino or the Repsol Sport Centre

Fun Fact

Perfect for: Hip, well educated singles in their 20s or 30s who love the nightclub – oh, they got to boogie.

Not-so-perfect for: Families with tiny humans. For real, this isn’t a place for heel nippers. Shocker, given the number of bars and nightclubs, we know.

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