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Beddington Heights, Ottawa, ON

Renting Guide

Super friendly for kids and affordable, but rentals are rare


Straddling the NW and NE, the giant, suburban neighbourhood of Beddington Heights is the first rung on the property ladder for many young families. Kid-friendly and affordable, the Bed feels like a dream come true. But even the sweetest dream can have a dark cloud. In Beddington Heights, that cloud has come in the form of recent “random attacks” that have left both women and children dead. Granted, these attacks are few and far between; but, make sure your safety checks are done and you feel safe before slipping between this neighbourhood’s sheets. Those who do climb in will find themselves in the community version of a never-ending sleepover, filled with the perfect balance of openness, friendship, and kidlet-friendly fun. Seriously, this neighbourhood is so welcoming; it’s one singing animal away from becoming a Disney movie.

Rental Options

The market, at a glance

Avg. rent by housing type & size

Studio/Bachelor: $N/A

1-bedroom: $N/A

2-bedroom: $N/A

3-bedroom: $N/A

Avg. rent compared to other Calgary neighbourhoods

Available units are almost impossible to find.

Typical housing type:

Detached places are the most common, but duplexes and townhouses aren’t in short supply either.

Beddington Heights’ housing market is all about variety, with options ranging from detached homes to duplexes to townhouses for rent. With a glut of all three types of homes on the market and affordable rates, homeowners should have no problem finding a place. Bad news for renters though: available units are in short supply here (read: it’d be easier to find a unicorn than an open apartment to rent). Part of the problem is the lack of supply as the area only has a handful of apartment buildings and rental houses for rent, and the rest is lack of turnover because, once people cozy up in this Bed, they never wanna leave. Check out our website for updated listings daily, so that you can snag the latest rental in Beddington Heights!

Life & Style

Family and community are the heart of Beddington Heights. Parents’ lives revolve around creating memories with their children. On the weekends, residents gather at Nose Hill Park, where adults will gab while their little ones play. More structured activities are provided by the Beddington Heights Community Association, a volunteer run organization that creates after-school programming for local youth. The association also handles local development and beautification projects, which residents happily sign on for. We’re not just talking about the adults either as parents often bring their children, encouraging them to learn the importance of helping others.


Who lives here: Beddington Heights is all about the little ones. Most residents have 1 – max 2 – kiddos, most of whom haven’t yet hit the terrible teens. Unlike most family-oriented neighbourhoods, Beddington Heights has a large community of single parents. Any good dream needs a love story though – and, with half the adult population declaring themselves single, you should have no problem finding your Prince or Princess Charming. When you do find them, don’t stress about what to say. This neighbourhood is so friendly and welcoming, a simple “hello” should be enough to get the convo flowing.

Land Mark

With the parkway to the east and the park to the west, in Beddington Heights, you can pick your park. There are also several smaller green spaces scattered throughout the sprawling neighbourhood. Residents have both a private and a public elementary school in the area, as well as more options in the surrounding region. There’s no shortage of bus routes for public transit users – and drivers have the Deerfoot just minutes away. The neighbourhood’s main shopping area is along Centre Street, which plays host to Beddington Towne Centre, as well as a number of major retailers, banks, and chain restaurants. With a Safeway and a Co-op, Centre Street is also the go-to spot for groceries. For entertainment, head over to the Beddington Theatre Arts Centre or the Beddington Heights Community Art Centre. The closest mall is Deerfoot City, but it’s a bit of a trek.

Fun Fact

Perfect for: Small families and single parents in need of affordable housing.

Not-so-perfect for: Anyone who loudly complains about how “breeders” are taking over the city

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