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Renter-friendly and affordable – for now


Bankview is in transition. Some see it as a launching pad for singles and couples in their mid-20s to 30s, offering them affordable rents within the city. Others claim it’s an up-and-coming neighbourhood on the brink of a development explosion. Still others point to the area’s seedy reputation, arguing that it’s plagued with crime and drug-related issues. In truth, all of these views of Bankview are true.

Rental Options

The market, at a glance

Avg. rent by housing type & size

Studio/Bachelor: $915

1-bedroom: $948

2-bedroom: $1,400

3-bedroom: $N/A

Avg. rent compared to other Calgary neighbourhoods

Bankview is 1% higher than Calgary average

Typical housing type:

Low-rise apartment buildings.

Bankview is largely a rental community. The vast majority of housing is made up of apartments for rent in low-rise buildings, but there are a smattering of detached house rentals too. Most rentals are on the smaller side, with three bedroom units being nearly impossible to find. Smaller units are plentiful though, with prices at or below average for the city.

If you’re looking for an apartment rental, check out for price filters that can help with your search! You can also sort rentals by the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and if they’re pet-friendly or not. Perfect features to use for a huge rental community like Bankview!

Life & Style

There are essentially two Bankviews: one being the up-and-coming neighbourhood filled with promising young people, the other a shady world of drug use, break-ins and other crime. During the day, on Bankview’s major street, the first neighbourhood dominates. Throughout the week, residents rush to their jobs before grabbing drinks or dinner with friends at the end of the day, while, on the weekends, they jet around the city, checking out fun, artsy events and trendy new hotspots. On certain side streets or after dark though, the other side of Bankview comes to life. To prevent a bad situation, make sure you know which parts of the area to avoid and plan to cab or Uber home late at night.


Bankview has a glut of young singles and couples. The majority of residents are in their mid-20s to 30s, while seniors and children of all ages are so rare, they’re basically unicorns. There’s a growing Muslim community, as well as a thriving artist community – a sure sign of coming gentrification (the question is: when?). There are several bus routes that run through Bankview.

Land Mark

A number of small parks take care of the area’s green spaces. The neighbourhood’s southeast corner offers a plaza that includes: a Tim Hortons, a liquor store, a Starbucks, an Esso, and a gym. At the northeast corner are more plazas filled with restaurants, shops, and even an escape room facility. A short hop away from these plazas are a dentist and a daycare. Just west of the neighbourhood is the Calgary Arts Academy’s campus, as well as a hospital. To the east – and slightly outside Bankview’s borders – 17th Ave. is chock-full of restaurants and pubs. Slightly further afield are the well-loved Jelly Modern Doughnuts, a London Drugs, a grocery store, and a Best Buy.

Fun Fact

Perfect for: Young singles and couples, and a growing population of artists.

Not-so-perfect for: Families and suburbanites

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