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The perfect place to watch your little ones blossom


Applewood Park is really two neighbourhoods in one, divided by Stoney Trail. The first, which can be found east of Stoney, is a non-entity for most city-dwellers, consisting almost entirely of farm and undeveloped land. This is an area even the Google car hasn’t braved to go. That’s why most Calgarians consider the region west of Stoney Trail the “actual” Applewood Park. This west side is a subdivision filled with detached homes, detached homes, and more detached homes – with the odd low-rise sprinkled in for variety. Seriously, there is only one restaurant and a handful of businesses in the neighbourhood. While this forces residents to spend much of their time in other parts of Calgary, it does almost eliminate through traffic – in vehicles and on foot, making the community quite safe and causing it to become a hotspot for families.

Rental Options

The market, at a glance

Avg. rent by housing type & size

Studio/Bachelor: $901

1-bedroom: $985

2-bedroom: $1,231

3-bedroom: $1,383

Avg. rent compared to other Calgary neighbourhoods

Applewood Park is 4% lower than the Calgary average

Typical housing type:

Single-family, detached homes.

Detached homes dominate the area, but there are a few low-rise apartment buildings thrown into the mix too. Condominium and apartment rentals are scarce in Applewood Park, as the neighbourhood consists of mainly farmland. The majority of rentals are house rentals, filled with detached homes, detached homes...and more detached homes.There is a small selection of bachelor, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments for rent. Another advantage of the neighbourhood being almost exclusively residential is that there is never a shortage of housing options for renters. Prices are about average for the city, but deals are available, serving as rewards for diligent home hunters.

Life & Style

With little in the way of – well – anything other than housing, Applewood Park pretty much forces its residents to spend their week outside the neighbourhood. It’s common to see locals taking off for work or school in the morning, only to return late into the evening, having eaten, grocery shopped, and had some family-friendly fun in other parts of the city. But the weekends are another story: residents love to spend quality time with their children. It’s also common to see local kids playing outside together; and, with such little traffic, they can even play road hockey.


Who lives here: Applewood Park is a neighbourhood of families. There’s a large immigrant population, including a significant Vietnamese community. Incomes are low for Calgary, sitting around $62,669. At the end of the day though, Applewood Parkers aren’t as interested in money as they are in raising their children – and doing so in a safe area. Applewood Park’s public transit is limited to bus routes. Drivers, however, have easy access to Stoney Trail and the Trans-Canada Highway.

Land Mark

There are several smaller parks in the area, as well as the larger Elliston Park – home of the GlobalFest fireworks displays – just outside it. On the southernmost edge of the neighbourhood are a liquor store and a Tim Hortons. North of Applewood Park is a plaza with another Tim Hortons, a gas station and a restaurant. Slightly further afield are a handful of other restaurants, including a Dairy Queen and a sports bar.

Fun Fact

Perfect for: Families with children under 15 and concerns about “stranger danger”.

Not-so-perfect for: Solo seniors and empty nesters.

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