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About 4080 Living Arts Dr

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***I can show this unit at 11 am Oct 11 to get your offer in fast if you qualify, Read all requirements below***

Please read ALL information below.



Please contact only if you need to move- i.e you are forced to move, lease is ending, staying in hotel or airbnb.

If you're staying with friends or family and not forced to move and just curious you will be wasting limited appointment slots for those in need.

Not for short terms- 1 year lease minimum.

Must be able to prove income of minimum $4200 per month AFTER tax with job letter showing job role, duration and salary, bank statement showing deposits, a few pay stubs [if self employed---bank statements -invoices-Notice of Tax Assessments for 2 years, and contracts with clients that allow you to invoice or bill].

Please pull your credit report from Equifax or Transunion, we're looking for 750 and up.

If you do not have a guarantor, good credit, income, you will need FIRST three months plus LAST three month's rent as guarantee, until pay cheques start flowing in showing $4200 after taxes. Copies of resumes, degrees/diplomas, proof of job applications, interviews as well. As usual non-smokers, no criminal record or activity, no business activity requiring frequent visitors to visit the unit for business purposes.

Bring legal Photo id required to view units, legal names required for offers.

Rental Application, Agreement to Lease and Standard Ontario rental lease will be issued.

Remember that occupancy standard allows 1 person over age 12 or 1 couple per bedroom or two children under age 12 per bedroom. A den is NOT a bedroom, mostly are small and open with no doors. By law a bedroom has a closet and a private door and windows.

(new units every day, new photos may not have been updated yet, some photos are from model suites to show layout only)

Joss Covenoho

Sales Rep

Cloud Realty

36B-3180 Ridgeway Dr, Mississauga, ON

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