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Hawkwood, Calgary, AB

Renting Guide

Get the bird’s eye view


Hawkwood – an affluent NW neighbourhood – is perched at the edge of Calgary. This positions it ideally between the city and the Rockies, providing scenic views of both. Homes in the area take advantage of this, often having large patios and windows. This gives the places an almost showpiece feel, which is only enhanced by the fact that residents love hosting parties. It’s not just about looks in Hawkwood though, locals also make sure to take advantage of their location to jet into downtown and the Rockies, engaging in both urban adventures and outdoor sports, as the mood strikes them.

Rental Options

The market, at a glance

Avg. rent by housing type & size

Studio/Bachelor: N/A

1-bedroom: $1,012

2-bedroom: N/A

3-bedroom: $1,395

Avg. rent compared to other Calgary neighbourhoods

Hawkwood is 20% lower than Calgary average

Typical housing type:

Stylish detached homes.

Detached homes are the norm in Hawkwood. In fact, there are almost no other housing options. These detached places are chic, reflecting the affluent nature of the neighbourhood. They also feature large windows and patios so owners can take in the Hawkwood area’s trademark views - famous in Calgary. Homeowners should expect to pay a pretty penny here. Renters, however, may be able to find a deal – if they can track down an available apartment for rent or portion of a house rental. That’s the rub though, as there are so few renters that rental options are almost non-existent. Good luck on your Hawkwood rental search!

Life & Style

Hawkwood is all about balancing living the high life with taking in the area’s natural beauty. Shopping, fine dining and adventure sports are all on the menu, as are more simple pleasures like strolls in the park. Residents love to show off their homes and families at house parties. These aren’t kegger type events, but classy affairs often catered by the city’s trendiest chefs. These parties give parents and teens a chance to spend some quality time with each other, as well as their various friends.


Hawkwood is full of couples and families with teenagers. Adults tend to be on the older end, with most falling between mid-40s and mid-60s and generally, residents have the disposable incomes there. There’s also a large immigrant population in the area, including a significant Chinese community with numerous Cantonese and Mandarin speakers.

Land Mark

Hawkwood has a number of green spaces, including a large park at the centre of the neighbourhood. Also in the core are a medical clinic, a Canada Post, and a gas station. There are several schools in the area, as well as a childcare centre and a Gymboree. Bus routes run along major roads, while drivers are well positioned between Stoney Trail NW and Crowchild Trail NW. A library branch is just to the east of the neighbourhood, along with a Cineplex Odeon and a Keg Steakhouse. To the east are a pharmacy, several dining options, a nail salon, and a Real Canadian Superstore.

Fun Fact

Perfect for: Families with teens and seniors.

Not-so-perfect for: Young families, especially those with low or fixed incomes.

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