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Douglasdale-Glen, Calgary, AB

Renting Guide

Where Calgary’s rich live and play


Douglasdale-Glen has developed a reputation as a haven for wealthy Calgarians. It’s no wonder as over 80% of the area’s residents sit in the upper range for incomes across the country. Douglasdale-Glen locals know how to enjoy the finer things in life, but they still have their feet on the ground. Usually that ground is in Fish Creek Provincial Park or the Rockies, as Douglasdale-Glen is full of outdoor lovers. Residents’ real pride and joy, though, is their families, which they make as much time for as possible.

Rental Options

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Avg. rent compared to other Calgary neighbourhoods

It’s almost impossible to find availabilities here

Typical housing type:

Luxury detached homes.

Douglasdale-Glen is almost exclusively made up of classic – and classy – detached homes. Prices are on the high end, but are in line with the large lots and luxury houses in the area. Renters will find themselves pretty much out of luck when it comes to this neighbourhood. If you’re set on searching for a rental in Douglasdale-Glen, check out our website, Rentals.ca! We upload new property listings daily. Note: You’ll probably only find house rentals. Apartments for rent and townhouse/condominium units are almost unheard of in this fancy neighbourhood.

Life & Style

Luxury and the outdoors collide in this affluent neighbourhood. With money never in short supply, Douglasdale-Glenites enjoy the best dining, shopping, and entertainment Calgary has to offer. But it’s not all caviar and champagne in Douglasdale-Glen. Residents also adore outdoor sports and activities. It’s common for families to take daytrips over to Fish Creek Provincial Park or to head into the Rockies to ski or snowboard together.


Douglasdale-Glen is known as the home of hefty paychecks, with the median household income for the neighbourhood sitting at $122,229. Families – especially those with teenage or adult children – make up a good portion of residents, who tend to fall far from the visual minority category.

Land Mark

Douglasdale-Glen is a sprawling community. Along the west side of the neighbourhood are scenic natural spaces, including the Bow River and Douglasbank Park. There are even a couple of small golf courses within the area. Public transit is limited, but drivers have easy access to the Deerfoot. Restaurants and shopping – including high-end automobile stores – can be found along 24th SE. Just southwest of Douglasdale-Glen is SmartCentres Calgary Southeast mall and several big box stores, such as Walmart, Real Canadian Superstore, and The Home Depot. A dentist and a GoodLife Fitness Centre can also be found in the same area.

Fun Fact

Perfect for: Wealthy families with teenagers or adult children.

Not-so-perfect for: Low-income Calgarians and anyone seeking a diverse neighbourhood.

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