When listing your property, unleash the wow factor with a captivating and informative listing that outshines the competition. Showcase stunning high-quality photos, paint a vivid picture with a detailed description, and provide accurate information about your property’s unique features, amenities, and rental terms.


Get ready to capture the attention of potential tenants like never before!


1. Utilize Featured Listings


Stand in the Spotlight

Maximize visibility by stepping into the spotlight with featured listings. Watch your property shine as it takes center stage on the website, attracting a flood of views and inquiries from eager prospective tenants.

Whether you’re aiming for lightning-fast occupancy or have a truly extraordinary property to flaunt, featured listings are the secret to standing out from the crowd and showcasing your property at the top of the pile.

Featured and Promoted listings on Rentals.ca can generate up to five times more views, and subsequently up to three times more leads!

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2. Regularly Update and Refresh Your Listing


Stay Ahead of the Game

Stay ahead of the game by keeping your rental property listing fresh and up to date. Regularly review and refresh the content, ensuring the availability status, rental rates, and other relevant details are accurate.

By consistently updating your listing, you demonstrate active property management and maintenance, earning the trust and confidence of prospective tenants.

Have questions about using images on your listing? We have some helpful answers in our FAQs here!


3. Leverage Search Filters


Be the Perfect Match

Become the perfect match for potential tenants by leveraging the power of search filters. By meticulously providing all necessary details, such as location, property type, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more, your listing will appear in relevant search results.

Get ready to attract the right audience and ensure your property gets discovered by those seeking exactly what you have to offer.


4. Encourage Tenant Reviews


Let Their Praise Speak Volumes

Let the praise speak volumes for your property’s reputation. Encourage your delighted tenants to leave reviews and ratings, showcasing their positive experiences.

Prospective renters will take reviews into account as part of their hunt to find the perfect rental. By building trust and credibility through authentic feedback and showcasing it online, you’ll attract more quality tenants who are eager to experience the exceptional living environment your property provides.


5. Monitor and Respond to Inquiries Promptly


Swift Responses, Happy Tenants

Unlock the power of swift and professional responses to inquiries and messages from potential tenants. By promptly engaging with them, you demonstrate top-notch customer service and create a positive first impression.

This proactive approach not only fills vacancies faster but also sets the stage for a harmonious landlord-tenant relationship right from the start.

By following these strategies, you can increase your property’s exposure, attract quality tenants, and ultimately maximize your rental property’s success. Stay proactive and present your property in the best light to find the ideal renters for your investment.