In a recent opinion poll conducted by in Manitoba, it’s evident that high rental prices, housing policies, and the sentiments of the undecided population are taking the spotlight as Manitobans prepare to head to the polls on October 3.


Rental Housing Preferences and Concerns

Of those surveyed, 62% identified themselves as renters, with an additional 25% actively seeking rental accommodations. 

When respondents were asked about the importance of rental housing policies in their voting decisions, 66% stated that these policies were “very likely” to influence their choice, while 26% indicated they were “somewhat likely.” 


High Rental Prices Remain a Key Issue

Over 78% of participants pointed to high rental prices as the most pressing problem in Manitoba’s current rental market. This concern reflects the economic challenges faced by many Manitobans and the urgency for policymakers to address this issue.


A Call for Increased Rental Housing Supply

66% of respondents strongly agreed that “it is crucial for elected officials to address the shortfall of rental housing supply in Manitoba.” 


Undecided Voters

As the election date approaches, 30% of survey participants revealed that they remain undecided about which party to vote for with 13% of participants saying they do not plan on voting at all.


NDP Taking The Lead

The poll shows that the New Democratic Party of Manitoba (NDP) has the support of the majority of respondents, with 26% of the vote, followed by the Progressive Conservatives at 21%.