SoulRooms offers spacious, fully-furnished living rooms.


SoulRooms one of the latest companies to offer co-living in the city’s core

Did you know you could rent a nice place in downtown Toronto for as little as $1,425 — $1,900 a month?

You just need to wrap your mind around the concept of co-living, sharing common spaces such as living rooms and kitchens. Conceptually, it’s UberPool applied to traditional renting — saving money by paying for only what you need.

Co-living has been growing in Europe and the United States for over a decade, and has more recently become popular in Toronto.

SoulRooms is one of the latest companies to offer the convenience and affordability of co-living in downtown Toronto.

The company has launched with 10 beautiful three-bedroom townhouses in the Junction Triangle neighbourhood. The units come fully furnished and are equipped with high speed internet, cable and utilities. All you require is to pack your bags and move in.

This fully furnished en-suites at $1,900/month is all inclusive and would be perfect for couples.

Four of these three-bedroom townhouses have been rented out in a span of three weeks. The tenants are typically students from the University of Toronto or professionals working in the financial district. The concept is a hit with new immigrants as well, looking to find affordable accommodation with flexible terms of lease.

A couple of American football players who are here to play in a local league have seen value in what the company has to offer as well.

More and more young professionals with high-paying jobs — $80,000-plus a year — are choosing co-living over paying obscene amounts to rent downtown or spending an hour or more a day commuting to work with the problems of traffic and public transportation.

They save more time for the important things in life: family, friends, volunteering exercising — and, of course, entertainment. And, they are able to maintain a healthy 30 % ratio of rent to income and use the extra money to save, invest, or take that dream vacation.

Based on the response thus far, the company is looking to have 30 ‘SoulRoomers’ find their new homes by the end of August with a goal of 100 SoulRoomers joining this community by the end of 2019.

For more information please visit SoulRooms or call (647 819 9040)