Deciding where to live in Halifax is tricky because it depends on your needs. Are you looking for somewhere family-friendly? Are you a student in need of affordable housing? Or maybe you’re a hip young professional who wants to be in the middle of the action? Each situation needs a different set of buildings. Luckily, we’ve made it easy to find Halifax apartments for rent and taken everything into account, creating the ultimate list of the best places to live in Halifax!

The top family and kid-friendly Halifax neighborhoods


A top pick for families, Westmount is the kind of neighbourhood where everyone knows your name. More than that, residents look out for one another and are happy to pitch in with each other’s kids. The schools are also strong, which is a huge draw for many people. Best of all, there are plenty of kid-friendly, activities, including a waterpark!


This neighbourhood’s biggest draw is its schools. Teachers and staff are known for going out of their way to help students excel. Outside school, there’s a strong community with a lot of young parents. The hub for a lot of these families is Dewolf Park, which has a lot of events and activities for kids to enjoy.


Fairview offers a good balance. It’s got a lot of great parks, but it’s also close to downtown. That allows it to be fun for younger and older kids. This Westmount and Bedford, the schools in Fairview are strong. For the safest area, look at the northern part of the neighbourhood.

Top neighborhoods in Halifax for singles and young professionals

Downtown Halifax

Of course, one of the top neighbourhoods for young professionals and singles is Downtown. Not only will you be in the centre of the action here, but you’ll have plenty of cool restaurants and night-time hotspots to enjoy. Then, if you ever need a break, you can take a stroll along the waterfront – alone or with a honey.

Downtown Dartmouth

Downtown Dartmouth used to be the butt of many a joke. These days, though, it’s seen as one of the hottest neighbourhoods in the country! There are hip options for dining, hanging out and shopping. And it’s cheaper than downtown Halifax. It’s no wonder young people in the know are flocking here!

Top places to live for students in Halifax

North End

This neighbourhood used to have a bad reputation, being known as one of the sketchiest areas of the city. But it’s turned that around to become “Halifax’s Brooklyn”. If you’re into vintage stores, hipster culture, and restored townhouses (perfect for sharing with your fellow students), this is the spot for you!

South End

A favourite with second year students and up, South End gives easy access to Halifax’s universities. While it’s a great area with a quick commute, it’s important to be cautious when housing hunting as there is some price gouging. Try to stay away from the apartment towers, opting for a private house to share with friends instead. With a little digging, you should be able to find the perfect place!

West End

Quieter students who aren’t looking to go out so much as chill out might want to consider West End. It’s got nice residential streets and lower prices than many of the other student housing neighbourhoods. That makes it a pick for students who want to focus on their studies – and save some money.