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Built around a shell plant during World War II, Ajax was named for Royal Navy cruiser, the HMS Ajax. Today, Ajax’s war history has been all but forgotten, replaced by its present status as a bedroom community. Most residents use Ajax as their homebase, but commute into Toronto or Hamilton. But Ajax is also quietly coming out of the shadows of these larger cities. It is already one of Ontario’s fastest growing economies and is quickly becoming a haven for young professionals in search of a good deal – and a backyard.

Housing Market

Ajax’s housing market is in the midst of major change. In the past, the area was dominated by detached homes that were owned by their residents. As the population booms though, the city’s housing market is transforming. More apartment and condo buildings are popping up, offering everything from affordable housing to luxury units. So find the right balance of price and amenities for you and jump on into the Ajax housing pool!

Typical housing type:

A blend of detached homes, apartments, and condos.

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Average Rent Prices in Ajax

Avg. rent by housing size:

Bach/studio: $N/A

1-bedroom: $1,624

2-bedroom: $1,800

3-bedroom: $1,735

Avg. rent compared to other Canadian cities:

Ajax is 7% lower than the Canadian average

Apartment Hunting in Ajax

In Ajax, you get what you pay for. While they are some cheap apartments, they tend to be basement units listed privately by the homeowners. If you need something under $1,000, you may be best off applying for affordable housing as the units can be nicer. For those who can afford a bit more in rent, you can find a house or the floor of a home with 2 or more bedrooms. Most of these places offer dishwashers and laundry. For pools and balconies too, look at apartments and condos by the 401 that are geared to professional couples. Many of these buildings are pet-friendly, with at least small dogs being allowed.

Side note:

Ajax is on the rise, so don’t wait too long if you are to get into this area. If you do, you may just find that rents skyrocket on you. So avoid disappointment and get in now. Just remember to find a place you love. That way, if rents do increase, you will be happy staying for a while!


Ajax’s population is exploding as young professionals flood the city. There are couples who want more space and privacy than Hamilton or Toronto affords – or they can afford in these cities. But the biggest group in the city is made up of families. Ajax is diverse, with large black and South Asian communities in the area. In fact, Ajax has the highest percentage of black residents in any major Canadian city. Ajax locals tend to be well-educated, with over two-thirds of the population holding post-secondary degrees.

Perfect for: Young professionals with little ones and couples looking to start a family soon.

Not-so-perfect for: Singles and seniors.

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Life & Style

Ajax is a work and family-oriented community. Folks don’t just care about their jobs, but also about developing their careers. At the same time, they know the importance of family time, making sure to spend at least one day a week with the kids. Ajax is the perfect place to do this, boasting plenty of activities, events, and festivals that are fun for the whole family. There is also a strong community atmosphere. This is the kind of town where, if your little one gets lost, one of your neighbours will help them get home safely.

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Ajax has a glut of beautiful natural spaces, including the Waterfront Trail and several conservation areas. The 401 cuts through town and there are trains that run into Toronto. Along Kingston Road, you can find everything from a Best Buy to a Walmart to a Costco. Further down the street, you can also go to the casino. Head north to check out the Ajax Sportsplex or the Deer Creek Golf Club. There are a number of schools and grocery stores spread through the city. In the south part of town, you can find the hospital and the Ajax Minor Hockey Association.

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